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Features to Consider In a Wine Cooler

It is customary for almost all wine lovers and wine collectors to have a personal cellar to store wines and age them. So far in most of the houses the basement worked as the quintessential environment for keeping the wine cool. But now with the change in real estate trends, it is hard to find a proper cool basement in many houses. Moreover, it is quite inconvenient to walk all the way down to your basement just to sip some good wine. So a wine cooler in your kitchen or living room can come really handy to store some fine specimen of wine. To buy a good wine cooler you have to keep few parameters in mind that should define a perfect wine cooler.

Size Or Capacity:a Wine Cooler

You may be a seasoned wine collector or you might have started recently, you have to decide the number of bottles you want to store at a time. The size of the wine cooler, which is one of the most important parameters, depends on the number of bottles to be stored. More the number of bottles, larger the size of the cooler, which means a larger space occupied. Certain brands have intelligently kept the size compact with large storage space within. The minimum size typically starts from 12 bottle capacity and can range up to more than 60 bottle capacity.


This parameter is something that needs to be carefully judged. There are different types of wine that are produced and they need different temperature and pressure to age and taste better. If the temperature and pressure combination is not well taken care of, the best of the wine in the market can taste like vinegar. Following are the types of Wine coolers available on the basis of versatility.

  • Single Zone – This variation typically has only one shelf to store wine. This is only for storing the types of wine that requires same pressure and temperature.
  • Dual Zone – This type of cooler has two shelves. Each shelf can be regulated to their own temperatures. This is ideal if you love both red and white varieties of wine.

There is a third variety called built in wine coolers. This can be both single and dual zone, only they are installed in a particular space of your house and not moved.

Special Features:

It is wise to look into certain other features like, auto defrost, auto temperature and humidity adjuster just in case. Having a lock can be also wise particularly if a kid is around. You can also choose the cooler that best suits your house décor.

So whenever you decide to buy a new wine cooler or want to change the old, this article may help you evaluate your options carefully.

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