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How to Prepare Breakfast with a Toaster Oven

Toaster OvenA toaster oven may be a small appliance sitting on your kitchen countertop, next to your wine cooler. But there are a variety of foods that you can cook using it. This is one of the reasons many college students are opting for it so they can have something to use when preparing their meals while in the dorm room.

But don’t just buy this oven and use it in your dorm, you must check first the policies for your school if you’re allowed to bring it in your room.

Have a breakfast

With a toaster oven, you can make frozen waffles and other breakfast meals crispy again. This is especially great for breakfast food leftovers.

Or you can buy fresh eggs and cook them using this appliance. Make a scrambled egg and cook it in 15 minutes. You may also add some veggies and meats to be cooked along with the eggs.


You’d think that it’s crazy to cook desserts in a toaster oven, but it’s possible to bake your favorite cookies using it. Just opt for pre-made cookie dough and place it inside the oven. You may add a little amount of sugar and cinnamon to have a light sweet treat.

If you have a simple graham cracker like this, you can add marshmallow on top and heat them in this oven. When the marshmallow becomes toasty, turn off the oven and take the items out. Top those with another cracker and you’ll have tasty, delicious dessert.


You can make toasted sandwich using this type of cooking appliance. Because your dorm room has limited space, you can’t bring a stove top, but you can still have a toasted sandwich with grilled cheese and some meat in the morning.
Apart from that, you can also prepare quesadillas using a toaster oven. Obtain a tortilla, sprinkle generous amount of cheese onto it and toast. If you have vegetables or meats, you can add them as well.
Prepare a pizza for your dinner, this is also possible using this oven. You just have to buy a frozen pizza and heat it in the oven for a few minutes or until it becomes crispy.

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