Year: 2015

Health & Fitness

A Runners Guide to Staying Motivated

Finding motivation to reach your full potential can be a challenging task. Do you have the motivation to keep on running in order to achieve optimum health and fitness? Not everyone does. Just like knowing that you will be selected as the employee of the month and will get a bonus, keeps you motivated at work, you also need to find things like this to keep you motivated to carry on your running schedule.

At we learned some of the techniques that will keep you motivated on your running schedule:

– Set clear goals

Fitness TrackersYou can derive motivation by setting standards or goals for yourself. Start by setting smaller goals and increase the bar gradually. By crossing each milestone, your motivation level will go up as well.

– Increase your limits

If you are able to meet a milestone try to increase the bar gradually. Do not target for a goal that is unachievable at a particular stage, this can make you exhausted easily and decrease your motivational levels.

– Find a companion/competitor

It is always a good idea to make a team. Find your friend, family member, colleague, or your next door neighbour to join you in your running routine. It is a nice way to get your missing inspiration and be a source of inspiration. Try to share your accomplishments and goals with your running partner, and share words of encouragement from time to time. If you are unable to find a physical partner, make a virtual one. Several social media sites provide you this opportunity to find friends and share your feeling and thoughts with them. There are sites on the net where you will be able to find like minded people, people having same interests, hobbies and goals. Try to find a group having obsession with running and staying fit. Share latest information and your personal experiences in the group, this way you will learn something new every now and then, which will keep you motivated.

– Use Fitness Trackers

Use of latest technology can be source of motivation for you. The modern day fitness trackers are equipped with latest gadgets to keep you updated about your performance and set new goals for you automatically. All you need to do is feed the basic information and they will keep track of everything for you.

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