4 Things to Consider When Buying Steam Mops

Choosing the best steam mop among thousands of options in the market can be a tricky challenge, so read through the tips below and find out what you should look for in a mop cleaning device like this so you can decide which one to use.

  • Make sure that the size of the water tank is proportionate to the size of your house. If your house is big, you might want to buy a steam mop with a bigger tank or you would have to run back and forth the faucet to refill water!
  • Don’t forget to check the heat-up time or the amount of time for steam to come out. For busy mothers and professionals, time is of utmost importance. You can use 30 seconds or less as your point of reference.
  • Know that the mop head’s shape is also something that you need to consider. A triangular head shape is good for cleaning hard-to-reach corners. Also, having a rotating joint on the mop head makes furniture-cleaning a lot easier.

Other steam machines feature a dual-sided spin mop head – one cleaning pad is for cleaning your sensitive hardwoods, while the other one is a scrub for removing tough grime or dirt.

  • Finally, remember to check the type of material used for the mop pads. This is to ensure that all kinds of dirt are effectively removed.

Steam mops are not just great in making your floor or carpet clean, it is also health-friendly. According to steam mop cleaning reviews this device utilizes steam, instead of bleach or chemical disinfectants in wiping away dirt and harmful bacteria. Therefore it is a much safer and healthy way of making your home squeaky clean.