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Exercise Your Woodworking Chops by Building this DIY Miter Saw Stand

Miter saws are a vital component of every woodworking shop. However, not many beginners to woodworking are too keen on purchasing a miter saw stand that may cost a lot of money; many of us are not keen to buy something expensive that will end up gathering dust anyway once the original interest starts waning.

The thing is, you don’t really have to spend a lot of money to build your own miter saw stand; it’s an excellent way to exercise and enhance your woodworking chops, while staying motivated and thus a positive reinforcement to your newfound hobby. It’s also a nice, easy project for you to see whether you’re cut out to work with wood.

We’ll show you just how easy it is to build your own miter saw stand for items that cost a fraction of what a miter saw stand retails for these days. Here are the three things you will need to build your own miter saw stand.

The Basic Components

miter-saw-standFolding steel sawhorses will not cost you more than $18; especially when you buy them on sale. These can cost you even less if you purchase them secondhand. You will need a couple of these sawhorses. Ebco Products’ SS-29 steel sawhorse retails for $17.99 a piece, and is a great choice for you to pick for a 29-inch sawhorse; the same is true for a 31-inch sawhorse. Just make sure that they are big enough to accommodate your work.

Another component you will need are two pieces of lumber at a dimension of 2×4 (2×6 works if you have a 31-inch sawhorse), respectively. These will form the base of your work surface; total cost for lumber will be more or less $5.

Lastly, you will need bolts, washers, and wing nuts depending on the leg thickness of your miter saw. You will have plenty of these lying in your workspace, so put them to good use with this project.

The Process

Now that you’re all set, stagger the sawhorses to bring them close to each other. Then, using a drill bit, drill through the support legs of your squared-up miter saw and into the wood. Do this for all legs. Using bolts and wing nuts will enable you to easily assemble and disassemble your stand as necessary, so that if you need to use your sawhorses for another project, you can just as quickly replace them. And there you have your basic miter saw stand: total cost, $41.

Final Words

As your skill improves as well as your tool set, and once you’ve decided for yourself that woodworking is for you, then it would be a great idea to pick up your own model. The folks at Straight Kerfs have the lowdown on every miter saw stand that’s worth its salt for you to make the best-informed purchase. You will find that you won’t have to pay over the odds for a functional, reliable miter saw stand; after all, you’ve just made one yourself. The experience of building your own gives you the practical knowledge to know what is best for your working style; Straight Kerfs will point you to the best options for your budget.

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How to Prepare Breakfast with a Toaster Oven

Toaster OvenA toaster oven may be a small appliance sitting on your kitchen countertop, next to your wine cooler. But there are a variety of foods that you can cook using it. This is one of the reasons many college students are opting for it so they can have something to use when preparing their meals while in the dorm room.

But don’t just buy this oven and use it in your dorm, you must check first the policies for your school if you’re allowed to bring it in your room.

Have a breakfast

With a toaster oven, you can make frozen waffles and other breakfast meals crispy again. This is especially great for breakfast food leftovers.

Or you can buy fresh eggs and cook them using this appliance. Make a scrambled egg and cook it in 15 minutes. You may also add some veggies and meats to be cooked along with the eggs.


You’d think that it’s crazy to cook desserts in a toaster oven, but it’s possible to bake your favorite cookies using it. Just opt for pre-made cookie dough and place it inside the oven. You may add a little amount of sugar and cinnamon to have a light sweet treat.

If you have a simple graham cracker like this, you can add marshmallow on top and heat them in this oven. When the marshmallow becomes toasty, turn off the oven and take the items out. Top those with another cracker and you’ll have tasty, delicious dessert.


You can make toasted sandwich using this type of cooking appliance. Because your dorm room has limited space, you can’t bring a stove top, but you can still have a toasted sandwich with grilled cheese and some meat in the morning.
Apart from that, you can also prepare quesadillas using a toaster oven. Obtain a tortilla, sprinkle generous amount of cheese onto it and toast. If you have vegetables or meats, you can add them as well.
Prepare a pizza for your dinner, this is also possible using this oven. You just have to buy a frozen pizza and heat it in the oven for a few minutes or until it becomes crispy.

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Features to Consider In a Wine Cooler

It is customary for almost all wine lovers and wine collectors to have a personal cellar to store wines and age them. So far in most of the houses the basement worked as the quintessential environment for keeping the wine cool. But now with the change in real estate trends, it is hard to find a proper cool basement in many houses. Moreover, it is quite inconvenient to walk all the way down to your basement just to sip some good wine. So a wine cooler in your kitchen or living room can come really handy to store some fine specimen of wine. To buy a good wine cooler you have to keep few parameters in mind that should define a perfect wine cooler.

Size Or Capacity:a Wine Cooler

You may be a seasoned wine collector or you might have started recently, you have to decide the number of bottles you want to store at a time. The size of the wine cooler, which is one of the most important parameters, depends on the number of bottles to be stored. More the number of bottles, larger the size of the cooler, which means a larger space occupied. Certain brands have intelligently kept the size compact with large storage space within. The minimum size typically starts from 12 bottle capacity and can range up to more than 60 bottle capacity.


This parameter is something that needs to be carefully judged. There are different types of wine that are produced and they need different temperature and pressure to age and taste better. If the temperature and pressure combination is not well taken care of, the best of the wine in the market can taste like vinegar. Following are the types of Wine coolers available on the basis of versatility.

  • Single Zone – This variation typically has only one shelf to store wine. This is only for storing the types of wine that requires same pressure and temperature.
  • Dual Zone – This type of cooler has two shelves. Each shelf can be regulated to their own temperatures. This is ideal if you love both red and white varieties of wine.

There is a third variety called built in wine coolers. This can be both single and dual zone, only they are installed in a particular space of your house and not moved.

Special Features:

It is wise to look into certain other features like, auto defrost, auto temperature and humidity adjuster just in case. Having a lock can be also wise particularly if a kid is around. You can also choose the cooler that best suits your house décor.

So whenever you decide to buy a new wine cooler or want to change the old, this article may help you evaluate your options carefully.

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Make Your Camping Trip A Pleasure With Aero Sport All-Terrain Queen Mattress

Yes, you guessed right. This is an air mattress designed specifically for camping trips. Why you ask? After all standard camping bedding should be good enough right? Well, not if you have small kids in the house and if you have ever or are going to ever camp with a toddler in the mix. They will not sleep comfortably, stay up the whole night, won’t let anyone else sleep and fall asleep the next day at the most critical moments.

Strong And Durable:

That did not sound fun at all, right? If you have understood the importance of air mattress during trekking and camping, it is time you take a look at the Aero Sport All-Terrain Queen mattress (reviewed here). Most air mattresses won’t be able to handle the hard, rocky and often jagged surfaces that you find on treks. But this bed is made from toughened materials hence it can handle any surface with ease.

Comfortable And Cosy For The Kids:

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Rising Comfort TwinThis wide seamed mattress is comfortable enough for your toddler to sleep like a rock. Being queen sized, it provides ample space and you will be able to cuddle to sleep with your kid easily. The internal coil system supports body weight perfectly thus dishing the out the maximum comfort possible for an air mattress.

The bed comes with integrated pillows so no need to carry those around as well. The dual power pump inflates it within one minute so no more hours of pressing on the foot pump just to get a good night’s sleep. It deflates just as quickly. The pump needs to be fully charged though so it is prudent to charge it the night before and also carry an extra battery in your car just in case.

After deflating, the bed can be carried very easily in a bag. It is quite light while deflated and won’t add any extra burden to your already heavy camping gears. All these features coupled with very reasonable pricing makes the Aero Sport All-Terrain every camper’s darling. So why should it not be yours?

More information: Sleep on Air

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4 Things to Consider When Buying Steam Mops

Choosing the best steam mop among thousands of options in the market can be a tricky challenge, so read through the tips below and find out what you should look for in a mop cleaning device like this so you can decide which one to use.

  • Make sure that the size of the water tank is proportionate to the size of your house. If your house is big, you might want to buy a steam mop with a bigger tank or you would have to run back and forth the faucet to refill water!
  • Don’t forget to check the heat-up time or the amount of time for steam to come out. For busy mothers and professionals, time is of utmost importance. You can use 30 seconds or less as your point of reference.
  • Know that the mop head’s shape is also something that you need to consider. A triangular head shape is good for cleaning hard-to-reach corners. Also, having a rotating joint on the mop head makes furniture-cleaning a lot easier.

Other steam machines feature a dual-sided spin mop head – one cleaning pad is for cleaning your sensitive hardwoods, while the other one is a scrub for removing tough grime or dirt.

  • Finally, remember to check the type of material used for the mop pads. This is to ensure that all kinds of dirt are effectively removed.

Steam mops are not just great in making your floor or carpet clean, it is also health-friendly. According to steam mop cleaning reviews this device utilizes steam, instead of bleach or chemical disinfectants in wiping away dirt and harmful bacteria. Therefore it is a much safer and healthy way of making your home squeaky clean.

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