Why Use Dual Flush Toilets

toilet for bathroomThe need to save water is increasing with every passing day. Toilets of the olden days with gallons of water per flush are out of the market and the new water saving toilets are in vogue.

Among all variants, the Dual Flush toilets are the most popular. These toilets come with two flushing options, the low flush for liquid waste and heavy flush for solid waste.

Not only the two flushing system is much more efficient, keeping up with the guidelines of EPA, these are designed to be High Efficiency Toilets (HET). The heavy flush uses 1.6 Gallons or less water per flush and the low flush uses 1 Gallon or less.

Having a dual flush toilet in the house not only reduces the monthly water bill but also makes toilet usage much more efficient. There are many brands and manufacturers in the market so you can easily choose one that will suit your needs perfectly.